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More than half of businesses are expected to adopt cloud unified communications as a service for their business phone systems (UCaaS/hosted PBX) by 2022, surpassing premises-based PBX solutions. This reflects a shift to the cloud by businesses of all sizes for their communication solutions and business phone systems.


Cloud/Hosted Telephony, which is also referred to as, Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS) is a phone system solution where the service provider owns and manages the core phone system platform, which is in a secure data center, and connects to your business via a data connection, typically an Internet circuit. It’s a more cost-effective, multi-functional, and flexible alternative to a premise-based phone system.

Reduced Costs

Because hosted IP Telephony is a cloud-based solution that is provider supported maintenance, customer care, and technical support is include with the monthly subscription charge. Gone are the costs for expensive on-site hardware which require expensive maintenance contracts and costly phone lines.

Simplified Connectivity for all Users

Whether all users are in a single location, or distributed amongst many offices, domestically or internationally, or work remotely, a UcaaS, solution unifies all uses, on a common platform, and communicating with any users is as simple as if they were in the same location.


Predicting growth is challenging, which is why having a phone system that scales at your pace presents a great advantage. Hosted VoIP is designed to be highly scalable and easy to expand, allowing you to seamlessly add or reduce new phones and increase or decrease bandwidth requirements when needed.


From automated attendants to automatic call forwarding, hosted VoIP makes it so your business never misses important calls. Additionally, it gives you the ability to add collaboration tools like video conferencing and instant messaging, strengthening communication within your organization.



  • Reduced upfront capital expenditure (CAPEX) on equipment and software
  • Carrier handles implementation and hosting, removing burden from your IT team.
  • Traditional phones lines, i.e, trunks are no longer required, so these costs are eliminated
  • Long-distance charges are greatly reduced, or eliminated, because unlimited usage is common
  • Scales up and down easily by adding/removing phones or increasing/decreasing bandwidth.
  • Increased mobility because mobile devices can be seamlessly integrated into the system.
  • Ability to add unified communications applications like video chat, IM, and unified messaging.
  • Users can change features, options, and services dynamically through simple interface.
  • Enables rich features like click-to-call, selective call forwarding, mobile integration, and more.
  • Managed updates and security patches
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Cloud Business Phone Systems  (UcaaS - Hosted - VOIP)

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