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Business Telecom Audit of Expenses

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Does your company spend more than $1K a month for its telecommunication services, i.e., Internet & WAN, voice lines, phone system, long distance, mobile phones, public cloud connectivity.

Independent Telecom Expense Audit

If yes, has an independent telecom expense audit been completed within the past 24 months? If no, then we can state with a high degree of certainty that you company is spending more than necessary for its telecom services.

A business accounting department will generally only conduct a telecom bill review in the months that trigger a red flag due to the sudden spike in the expense of a communications service. This is usually contained to the one telecom service provider who triggered the red flag and the rest of the invoices are left unexamined because they fall within the considered norm of a small monthly cost increase.

During a telecom audit, our experts analyze your bills and invoices to identify errors, eliminate inaccuracies, and create opportunities to save – so you can maximize your technology budget.


A telecom expense audit serves many purposes:

  • Verify that billing still aligns with the contracted rates.
  • An examination of billed items for accuracy- errors are converted to credits.
  • Confirms that disconnected services are no longer billing.
  • Find costs savings to reduce budget, or to apply towards other operational expenses.
  • Compares services in place with what’s available from supplier’s current offerings.

The Audit Process:

  • All telecom invoices and supplier contracts are submitted to our firm.
  • When required, a Letter of Authorization (LOA) is created to allow our firm to make inquiries directly with suppliers, on behalf of our client.
  • An analyst studies all provided information, and creates a detailed report which is presented to client, outline findings and recommendations.

Outcome of the Telecom Audit:

  • Updated inventory of all suppliers, their service offerings, their charges, and service agreement obligations
  • Recommendations on how to reduce expenses and/or improve services.
  • Where appropriate, competitive quotations will be provided to create awareness about available supplier options

Ongoing Telecom Support

  • Beyond the initial audit, BroadReach Technologies shall provide ongoing Telecom Expense Management (TEM)