Why BroadReach Technology Advisors?

Our goal is to support our clients' interests — not to sell a product or service on behalf of a particular service provider. We work with our clients to help define technology requirements that are well suited to meet business objectives, resolve business issues, and that minimizes risk.

We negotiate supplier contracts daily. We know the best providers, service options, and pricing to ensure our clients are making an objective decision and obtaining the most favorable terms from their vendors. We nurture long-term relationships with our clients, which insulates them from constant changes that occurs with vendors’ account teams.

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Certainly, a big part of any business model revolves around having the right applications to communicate with your customers in the ways they want to communicate with your business. Deploying the right technologies will enable you to remove any friction in the communications and collaboration between and among your customers, employees, and suppliers. Additionally, all contemporary communications platforms include analytics tools so you can see what's happening and give you the insights you need continually fine-tune the applications to optimize the customers experience and rapidly adapt to changes in their communications preferences.


Cloud services and applications, programmable platforms, low-cost sensors, and real-time web API's and applications remove all barriers and obstacles to creating customized solutions. The only missing ingredients are curiosity and knowing what's possible. That's where BroadReach can help. Our mission is to enable businesses to make better, smarter decisions by using our combined 70+ years of experience coupled with relationships with 100+ suppliers. We help you through every stage of the technology decision process; needs analysis, supplier proposals and recommendations, contract negotiations, implementation, and your advocate with the suppliers on an ongoing basis.
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BroadReach Technology Advisor Team

Anthony Rotoli

Anthony Rotoli, Managing Partner

Since 1987, Anthony has held senior sales positions at global organization such as: Nortel Networks, Frontier, Global Crossing (now known as Century Link,) GTT, and most recently Mitel. Anthony has helped literally hundreds of businesses in the enterprise, government, education, healthcare, and telecom carrier sectors.

In his role at BroadReach, he is sharing with his clients his in-depth knowledge to help them during the evaluation and procurement of telecom technology and services.

Anthony is a veteran of the United States Air Force and is the recipient of the prestigious United States Air Force Achievement Medal. He earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Organizational Management from Roberts Wesleyan College.

Jim Keegan

Jim Keegan, Managing Partner

Over 30 years of experience in communications technology, data infrastructure, and physical security.  My career included roles in sales engineering, sales engineering management, and executive management.

Helping clients implement new technology is relatively easy. Before implementing any new customer-facing communications technology it's critical to have a true understanding of how your customers want to interact with you. If they want to interact via self-service, SMS, email, or chat, and you only have voice calls as an option, having the best voice technology won't improve customer satisfaction. Start with the customer's preferences and layer on the technology that removes friction from the customer interactions with your business.

Cloud Services and applications, programmable platforms, low-cost sensors, and real-time web APIs and applications remove all barriers and obstacles to creating customized solutions. The only missing ingredients are curiosity and knowing what's possible.

A life-long learner inspired by the evolution online learning platforms and how they make world-class educators available to everyone. Those open to learning at any stage of life have a tremendous opportunity for personal and professional advancement.

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Our 5-Step Process

Step 1
Assess your needs & explore what's possible
Step 2
Audit current bills & services
Step 3
Identify best-in-class solutions
Step 4
Provide unbiased recommendations
Step 5
Deliver ongoing support and service